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  Welcome to Samrat Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.
About Samrat Hydraulics
Being leading manufacturers of Hydraulic Valves, we can promise you high quality products and dependable service. Do contact us in case of queries and questions.

“Samrat Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.” Established in the year 1995 , in the city of Rajkot and We are proud to disclose that we are a predominant manufacturer in India for Hydraulic systems. We are making various types of hydraulic machine parts and many more. We offer a wide type of valves like Solenoid, Hand Lever, and Direct Operated & Pilot Operated Check Valves. These are mainly ideal for drilling, agricultural implements, machine tools as well as other hydraulic functions.

“Low cost High Efficiency Hydraulics System” is our advantage for business Success. Our core competencies through innovation and hard work. Our core structure is to maintain high quality and timely delivery of products.

We are endowed with a team of highly skilled workers, who carry loads of experience in their respective fields. Our experience, engineering expertise, and state-of-the-art CNC equipment, combined with our dedication to quality and efficiency at all stages of machining, make us the outstanding job work provider of machined components. Our optimum quality products have earned us a wide base of regular clients situated all over the globe.
Quality Management
  We believe that quality is an end result of meticulous care taken at every stage of process within the organization. Our products are of high value as they operate under specific conditions and their long term performance is of key significance to the buyer. We understand the criticality of your application of our products and hence develop and manufacture products with high degree of stringent parameters.

Our products meet their specified range of performance successfully and for a long time to come. This is due to three major factors that take place on shop floor.
1. Designs: We design our products to meet the performance parameters. The designing intricacies include proper material selection, smooth production process and smart and easy application at the buyers end. The designed products are well tested before mass production. Onec the design is confirmed, we go into production
2. Production: The products are manufactured according to design specifications. Material, machining and people interaction all three are sternly overseen and controlled. We use high end quality checking gauges and tools to verify the accuracy of products in every stage.
3. Final Inspection: All products once produced go through a rigorous quality checking routine before they are finalized for dispatch. We make sure that the installation guides and help are up to date to make it easy for buyers to use our products.
The Valves we manufacture and supply deliver high degrees of performance at the client end.